A no-risk bottom line improvement

Finance Options

Financing your lighting upgrade enables you to get the results you want immediately!

Business Lighting

The energy saving experts at Alphagreen provide complete lighting solutions, fully customised to suit your lighting and energy needs.

After consulting with you to select the optimal lighting solution for your facility, we offer a range of financing options to remove any upfront costs associated with the supply and installation of your lighting upgrade. Our financing options are facilitated by a monthly fee. A convenient payment is made monthly to amortise the cost over a pre-agreed repayment period.

Why Finance your Lighting Upgrade?

  • Carpark LightingTake advantage of low interest rates
  • Cash flow is preserved with no initial outlay. Your entire lighting project can be 100% financed
  • Upgrade immediately to the latest high efficiency lighting technologies
  • Save from the outset, whilst enjoying the benefits of improved lighting and reduced energy costs
  • Convenient payment terms of 2-6 years available
  • Easy and fast application and approval process
  • No balloon or residual payment required at the completion of the lease period
  • A single monthly payment covers the complete cost of light fittings, installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Financing can be structured to be cash flow positive. In many cases, the monthly payment can be entirely covered by the savings realised on your power bill

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